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What is below was originally a page, but because I have not updated it regularly enough I decided to turn into a post. I plan to add-to this post as I learn new information related to this, and have found reading books on cleaning helps but it ultimately a time investment and it helps if clutter is minimized. This was a topic I took an interest in because I was never directly taught it and people can be very picky and appreciative of cleanliness and it is practical and I can appreciate rooms and homes that are clean. It is something to strive for. cleaning spray

At Least Once a Week Chores

  • laundry
  • dishes
  • clean bathroom, one of the most important rooms in the house to keep clean
  • clean mirrors
  • clean microwave
  • clean litter box, pick up after pet(s)

At Least Once a Month Chores

  • change bed linens
  • dust
  • mop floors
  • sweep floors
  • wash garbage cans
  • clean toilets
  • vacuum

At Least Annually Chores

  • wash windows
  • wash pantry shelves and organize staples
  • clean walls and base boards
  • vacuum inside furniture
  • clean oven
  • dust ceiling fans
  • run dishwater empty with vinegar

Daily Chores

  • clean kitchen sink

Ongoing Chores

  • decrease clutter
  • change filters and dust vents as needed

Seasonal Chores

  • rake leaves (fall)
  • shovel snow (winter)
  • sweep staircase (spring, summer)

Cleaning Schedules Found Online:

Stain removal:

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