Tabby (1998-2014)

This is a post dedicated to my faithful pet cat, Tabby. She was adopted June 23, 1998 and she died in her sleep August 31, 2014.  I miss her so much and Tabby Cat Vet Photoshe was such a great cat. I got her from a shelter when I was about ten and I still remember meeting her there. She was in a cat study on April 30, 2013 and April 26, 2013 and  May 14, 2013 that measured her blood pressure. I ended up taking her out of the study and kind of regret putting her in it, but I got a few free vet visits out of it. She would really cheer me up and cared about me. It was nice living with a cat. She is a good memory and always gave me great companionship and emotional support and care and love and grace and thankfulness. It is hard to put into words how much I appreciated her and she helped me. She was just a very sweet and affectionate and shy and cautious and caring cat. She was not perfect and sometimes she just wanted to be alone, but she was a great companion pet. The first picture to the right is from one of her vet bills/exams. Tabby Cleaning Herself

Some papers the veterinarian office gave me include:

  •  a ‘firefighter…please save our pets’ sticker for the window
  • information on CareCredit (website, a monthly payment plan for dentistry, veterinary medicine, chiropractic treatment etc.
  • an American Veterinary Medical Association brochure on pet vaccinations
  • animal emergency & treatment center locations ( & Chicago Veterinary Emergency Services Brochure,
  • a brochure on rabies/PUREVAX Feline Rabies vaccine
  • a guide to getting your cat to the veterinarian
    • leave carrier in room where cat can become familiar with itTabby Sitting on Blankets and Clothes
    • place a familiar blanket or piece of clothing that smells like home in the carrier
    • prefer hard-sided carriers, a fearful or in pain can stay in the carrier as the tops are removable
    • full guideline document at and (International Society Feline Medicine)
  • VPI Pet Insurance Information,,, included a list of top human meds toxic to pets from petinsurance and the pet poison helpline (1-800-213.6680
  • microchips for identifying lost pets, Tabby had a microchip from the shelter. Her chip was from avid ( other chip websites include and and Another website is
  • a list of toxic and non-toxic plants to cats verified by the
  • tips on cat-proofing your home and introducing your cat to your home2013 Tabby Found A Locust and preventing heartworm etc

The shelter gave me papers on choosing toys for cats, scratching posts, and reasons not to let your cat roam outside, feeding cats, keeping them out of hot cars/heatstroke, state laws on cruel treatment, top dangers (cars, stolen, poisons, fights with other animals etc.) and their prevention for cats and dogs and what to do if they happen etc. Shelter and veterinarian websites have great information. The Cornell Feline Health Center ( has good information too. Below is a slideshow of 48 photos of my cat, Tabby, that I posted on YouTube in June 2018. I feel better when I watch this video.

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