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Below is a list of similar sites, favorite sites or sites that cover some of the same topics such as cooking and sewing. I plan on revising this from time to time and eventually choosing from this list which sites I will try to read and comment on regularly as part of outreach and trying to increase traffic to this blog.

  1. – frugal ways to cook and eat at home
  2. – wonderful recipes and video tutorials
  3. – financial advice from a Biblical perspective
  4. – a blog about motherhood in Alaska, read her Amazon eBook Bloggin in Pink
  5. – site geared toward mainly pregnant women
  6. – site for book Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler explaining the Fertility Awareness Method
  7. – includes some great recipes
  8. – enjoyed her YouTube channel with hair tutorials, DIY crafts etc.
  9. –
  10. – found on Twitter, includes Lamaze classes, infant care classes, blog articles and more
  11. – has nice articles on family, cooking, travel and more
  12. – extensive info on cooking, holidays, crafts and more
  13. – La Leche League International – breastfeeding and parenting topics, have support groups, conferences and more
  14. – with Alicia Silverstone, includes lots of green living tips
  15. – with Jessica Alba, has green household and baby products
  16. – pregnancy and parenting info
  17. – includes some natural shampoo and exfoliant recipes and lots of inspiring pictures and products
  18. – includes positive marriage quotes, travel, date nights, a book, and health and fitness tips
  19. – cloth diapers, other mom blogs, product reviews, recipes
  20. – has mainly parenting advice and some great eye-opening books by the author Dannah Gresh
  21. – great recipes and YouTube videos
  22. – recipes, parenting, quiet times, free Proverbs 31 eBook and video series
  23. – found on Pinterest, like her post on getting curly hair without heat, includes crafts, fun for kids, etc.
  24. – sewing notions, wedding favors, accessories etc.
  25. – clean eating recipes
  27. – natural beauty, healthy living, boho fashion, DIY projects and recipes
  34. – skincare, health, beauty
  35. – beauty, short hair styles, outfits
  38. – blog includes gardening, beekeeping, sew-alongs, cooking, and more
  39. – has lots of natural DIY recipes
  42. – traditional cooking school
  43. – has a conference for moms
  44. – blog section has some good fashion and style tips which go along with the sewing section of this blog


  3. – sells her own sewing patterns
  4. – practical sewing magazine from the UK
  6. – a fabulous Fiber Artist
  7. – great sewing and crafty classes
  10. – YouTube videos by Tiffany M. Windsor, Heidi Borchers and Savannah Starr authors of Creative Scarves: 20+ Stylish Projects to Craft and Stitch


  4. – includes lots of parenting articles and books for teens and parents
  8. – lots of cooking advice
  9. – author Dannah Gresh’s site, includes parenting issues

This was originally a page posted on 11/17/2013. As I have plans to redesign this blog/website I am creating new pages and turning the old pages into posts.

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