Self Care Tips

Below is an ongoing list of self care and beauty tips. I occasionally add to it and and edit it. Also some of the tips are listed under only one category, but could be placed under two or more categories. Websites mentioned are subject to change.


  • Have a healthy diet. The fresher the food you eat the better. Avoid overeating and try to watch what you eat. Great exercise programs can be ineffective if combined with a lax diet. Frozen vegetables actually maintain much of their nutrients, but fresh and real food is ideal. Try not to eat too much starch. Consider eating something every two to three hours (six to seven small meals per day) because if food consumption is spaced out to three meals a day the body will hold onto fat. If food is grazed the body feels it is regularly consuming food and goes into burn mode rather than storage mode. This is quite possibly the way everyone’s ancestors ate as hunter/gatherers and or farmers. Consider and or
  • Consider Kangen Water (TM) Therapies, Dr. Peggy Parker. I have not tried this, but have a friend that loves it. Comes across as a glorified water filtration system. The Water Ionizer Expert may be a better option. Sometimes water filters can get a entire family sick. Some areas do not need a water filter and other areas it is a necessity. Definitely do want to make sure you are not drinking bad water if at all possible.
  • Garlic extract, diet and exercise and even pro-biotics can help decrease high blood pressure. See for info on garlic extract.
  • Count the chemical enriched foods you eat every day and try to avoid chemicals. Your body does not recognize what chemicals are when you eat them and reacts negatively to them. As Andréa Albright says, “Count Chemicals Not Calories(TM)” and “Throw Away Your Scale!”
  • Do not consume an excessive amount of calories everyday. Even if the foods are healthy, if you are eating too many calories you will gain weight.
  • Considering avoiding dairy as it can add extra weight. Some people should not be avoiding dairy, but for many people it will help them lose weight.
  • Some nutrition resources include:
    • American Dietetic Association:
    • American Society for Nutritional Sciences (AIN):
    • Food and Drug Administration (FDA):
    • Food and Nutrition Board Institute of Medicine:
    • Nutrition Navigator:
  • Weight Management Resources:
    • Weight Loss Gimmick:
    • American Anorexia/Bulimia Association:
    • Body Mass Index Calculator:
    • National Association of Anorexia Nervose and Associated Disorders
    • Take Off Pounds Sensibly (TOPS):
    • Weight-Control Information Network:
    • Body Fat Estimates: and
    • Duke University Diet and Fitness Center:


  • To see results exercise at least three times a week for ten weeks minimum. Exercise should be a routine habit. Consider spending money on a professional gym with motivating coaches. Just start exercising and it will become a regular routine.
  • Take a yoga class. It will help you feel and appear relaxed and content. As per the tag on a yoga mat I bought at World Market years ago by Cost, Plus Inc. yoga is a Sanskrit word meaning “union,” and its goal is the unification of body, mind, and spirit. Yoga originated over 5,000 years ago in India as a spiritual development technique. After an online search, it is not necessary to capitalize yoga as it is not a religion of itself, but elements of it are found in Hinduism, Buddhism, and Jainism (
  • Chart your results at least quarterly but not excessively to stay motivated. The following link is a measurement chart I made for a blog post,
  • Sites such as and and and have lifestyle planners and fitness and body fat calculations and health guides. can help you find a specialist and can help you find a doctor anywhere. can help you with fitness tips has articles on nutrition and herbs. There is a and and to help avoid any scams. is geared toward womens’ health and has a fitness section and can give you an online health assessment. also has assessments to help improve your health.
  • Go Red For Women is a network of women working together to save women’s lives from heart disease, the number one killer of women. Visit the website for heart-health information and tools. Know your numbers for cholesterol, blood pressure, Body Mass Index (BMI), and waist circumference. The maximum waist circumference for women is 35 inches or 88.9 centimeters. High cholesterol can cause a heart attack or stroke. It is the fatty deposits in arteries that may lead to atherosclerosis. Cholesterol is the soft waxy substance in blood and body’s cells. You can lower your risk for heart disease with a healthy diet and exercise.
  • A diet and exercise website I stumbled upon that seems rather good is
  • – have a foam roller from them, to add more info later
  • Consider a fitbit or fitness tracker to keep you accountable and encourage you to exercise more. I have a fitbit HR charge and it tracks my steps (has my goal set at 10,000/day) and allows me to monitor calories, it logs my sleep and more
  • Walking keeps you healthy and helps you get your thoughts together. A good website is Some running and fitness websites are:
    • American Running & Fit News:
    • Master’s Running Information:
    • New Runner Information:
    • Road Runner Club of America:
    • Running Research News:
    • Runner’s  World:
    • The Internet’s Fitness Resource:
    • Women’s Sports Foundation:
    • Cooper Institue For Aerobic Research:
    • Yahoo Health Directory:
      • The links above are from a one hour elective course I took in college on walking and running and jogging. Running is a great hobby and it has helped a lot of people. In excess it has caused issues for many people such as needing knee surgery. Personally, I prefer yoga and walking for exercise. Documentaries such as Concussion with Will Smith show how rough sports such as boxing and football can damage the brain. There are quite a few people that can relate stories for friends that were very involved in sports like boxing or football and just went into modes where they were like punch drunk or just did not seem with it probably because of the sports. Harsh and excessive exercise can damage your body.

Inner Beauty

  • Practice positive thinking, what is on the inside eventually shows and comes out on the outside. Read some positive thinking books such as You Are What You Think and Lord, Change My Attitude.
  • View yourself positively. It may help to post on your mirror or a place you see everyday a note that states something positive about yourself such as ‘I am a survivor’ or ‘I am lovable’ or ‘I am beautiful’ or ‘I am a worthy human being and able to contribute.’ Practice speaking positively about others and yourself. If you are tired it actually helps you become less tired to say to yourself or out loud that you are not tired. Do not put others down. Admire their beauty and or hard work. When upset or jealous try to control your tongue and say something positive about other person. It actually has health benefits.
  • Apple cider vinegar. Add a small teaspoon size amount to a glass of water and drink everyday. It helps cleanse and detoxify your body. Apple cider vinegar can be used as a facial toner and to add shine to hair, see

Hair Care

  • Dye your hair at least once a month. You can use a natural hair dye such as henna. Naturtint may also be a good natural hair dye brand. A website for henna hair dye is I have been happy with Colora (R) henna powder hair color and conditioner with no chemicals.
  • Change your hair style at least twice a year.
  • Mayonnaise can add shine to your hair. Wet hair and wait until it is damp and apply mayonnaise and then cover with plastic or a shower cap for about twenty minutes and then rinse. If your hair is too wet the mayonnaise will run off the hair with the water.
  • You should get a haircut every six weeks minimum.
  • Olive oil adds shine to hair and also shea butter and calendula when in shampoo ingredients.
  • Honey, plant gums, soybean oil and lavendar add style to hair as shampoo ingredients. Horsetail and nettle help with curls. Olive oil, avocado, lemon juice, aloe vera, and tea tree help with a healthy scalp. Coconut oil, rosemary, and henna add body as shampoo ingredients.
  • Become an educated consumer. Many products have trace amounts of plant-based ingredients for the purpose of advertising on the label.
  • Keratin and argan oil in a shampoo help with preventing breakage and shine.
  • Another hair care mask is an entire whisked egg with the yolk, and a few tablespoons of honey and olive oil.
  • Cold water seals hair ends. Towards end of shower run cold water on hair for about a minute.


General Health & Beauty Tips

  • Every month try to do something to relax yourself such as a massage or visit to a spa.
  • Try to be balanced and decrease stress. Avoid over-committing yourself and having too much on your plate unless you are part of the minority of people that works well that way. If you are missing appointments and or forgetting commitments it is a sign to slow down and that you may be over-committed. It may be hard is this modern society, but it is a healthy way to live. Do not over-schedule yourself or have too much on the plate. You will need extra time for things that come up such as a car breaking down, unexpected family/friend issues etc.
  • Know your limits and do not be afraid to say no to a request. If you never say no you will eventually wear yourself out and or find commitments conflicting. 
  • Take a class such as piano or French to stay sharp. It improves your memory and can reduce stress.
  • Travel to broaden your horizons and the experience and perspective you gain from new experiences and people you meet. Some travel websites include (as of this writing in July 2015),,,,,,,, and
  • Take a class to help you get your finances in order. Resources from sites such as can help you find information such as IRS tax forms if necessary. Sites like this can help you find regulations and needed info.
  • Learn massage. It includes benefits such as decreasing stress and increasing blood circulation. An Internet search may bring up some good massage schools near you and maybe a reputable online class. has massage oils, tables, lotions etc. The Massage and Bodywork Resource Center ( is another good resource. You should get a massage at least quarterly throughout the year if not every month or more often.
  • The American Cancer Society (R) recommends an annual mammogram starting at age 40. Women age 20 to 39 should have a clinical breast exam every three years. Breast cancer can happen at any age but is much more likely to occur after age 40. has more info, some other sites include and or a local hospital website. A mammogram does crush tissue and therefore it would make cancer worse, but is the standard used for detection.
  • Beauty sleep. Make sure you get enough sleep every day. Your body repairs skin and produces collogen while you sleep. Not getting enough sleep can be the equivalent of being drunk. Getting enough sleep makes you look healthier, more alert, and  you are generally happier. There is a reason it is called beauty sleep, getting enough sleep has lots of benefits. You process thoughts and make sense of things that have happened to you while you sleep, getting enough sleep reduces stress.
  • Wear make-up everyday. Go to a department store at least once a year and ask for a makeover in the make-up section. A stylist at a salon could also give you a makeover and suggestions for hair styles. Make-up should ideally be replaced every year.
  • Try to get in the habit of showering every day or every other day. Get into the habit of taking a quick shower. It is a sanitary issue and gives you a clean fresh look. If you are concerned about keeping the natural oils in your hair shower every other day and or consider using a shower cap. Aim to take quick, short showers. Alternating for one minute of cold water and then a minute for warm water helps with circulation.
  • Nails should be done every week. A professional no-chip manicure can last up to a month. There are mineral based natural nail polishes available online and at health food stores.
  • Wear mascara and opt for a natural brand if possible to avoid parabens, and artificial colors and fragrances.
  • Live a healthy lifestyle. Limit alcohol consumption, get enough sleep, do not smoke. Smoking can cause premature aging. If necessary join a support group such as Al-Anon and or schedule time for a therapist. Alcoholics Anonymous (A.A.) also has a good book that many libraries carry. The American Cancer Society (ACS) offers smoking cessation counseling and hosts the Great American Smokeout. The websites have contact information.
  • Epsom salt contains magnesium. Taking an epsom salt bath helps with sore muscles.
  • Some general wellness websites/resources:
    • and


  •, American Heart Association, Heart Fund
  • 100 Natural Beauty Tips That Will Make You Beautiful Forever (Bella Sparelli Kindle book)
  • Fast Hair Growth: The SECRET BIBLE of Natural Hair Care (Phillips Kindle book)
  • Beauty Your Guide to Healthy Skin and Hair (Whole Foods Market, October/November 2012)
  • Walk Jog Run Fourth Edition (Hunter Textbooks, 2003, Winston-Salem, NC, Patricia A. Floyd, Ph.D. Alabama State University and Janet E. Parke, Ed.D. Broward Community College)

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