Trying to Add a Google Site Map/Incomplete/Will Update/Apology Site Was Down

I apologize the site was down Friday, November 17, 2012. I was trying to prove the site was mine through Google Webmaster Tools and messed up the code in the process and it caused the death screen to appear. It took me a while to get rid of the screen, but I eventually figured itContinue reading “Trying to Add a Google Site Map/Incomplete/Will Update/Apology Site Was Down”

Resources For Preventing Plagiarism

Here are some collected resources for citing sources and preventing plagiarism. Sometimes I think plagiarism happens because students just have so much work and are exhausted and lack time and it is just easy to not cite the source or worse. You definitely do not want to overload yourself with work as then you are takingContinue reading “Resources For Preventing Plagiarism”

Tips For Becoming a Nanny

There are many great reasons to be a nanny or babysitter. First, some people enjoy the work and find it rewarding and fulfilling. They look forward to the tasks of helping children and have great patience and satisfaction with the responsibilities. It can help you get through school and refine life skills that you may greatlyContinue reading “Tips For Becoming a Nanny”

Natural Family Planning (NFP) Starting Points

Below are some good starting points for natural family planning: 1. Taking Charge of Your Fertility by Toni Weschler 2. The Art of Natural Family Planning by Couple to Couple League 3. La Leche League International website ( 4. Institute for Reproductive Health website ( 5. Couple to Couple League website ( offers local or online classses 6. CycleContinue reading “Natural Family Planning (NFP) Starting Points”

Challenge to Make Money Without Spending Money

As per reading The Stay At Home Mom’s Guide To Making Money Online by Ron Taylor Copyright 2010 I would like to challenge myself to make money online without spending money. I have the eBook on my Kindle and referenced it several times and it is full of great advice and the author is notContinue reading “Challenge to Make Money Without Spending Money”