Tabby Cat Diamond Embroidery Kit

Supplies 25x25cm (9.84 in) square drill diamond embroidery kit of a tabby cat in a flower pot (also called diamond painting or rhinestone or diamond mosaic kit) 16x16in (40.64cm) stretcher bars burlap ribbon acid free foam board, exacto knife to cut it to 16x16in sequins & seed beads & decorative lace cat patch all-purpose thread,Continue reading “Tabby Cat Diamond Embroidery Kit”

Changing Beehive Note Taking Method

I used to have what is pasted below as separate pages on this blog/site. It really was not working for me, and I decided to to just use the timeline page ( for notes in the future. I copied and pasted the old pages below. Hives would fail and the supers would change and thisContinue reading “Changing Beehive Note Taking Method”

Doorway Diamond Embroidery Kit

Below is a slideshow of my progress completing a doorway diamond embroidery kit. posted this on YouTube August 24, 2018 30 x 40 cm (11.8″ x 15.7″) pre-framed doorway diamond embroidery kit, purchased on AliExpress from seller Painting Handmade Store slideshow creator ragavendran2016, music Swing by Peyruis video slide in the middle is fast-forwarded, wasContinue reading “Doorway Diamond Embroidery Kit”