Changing Beehive Note Taking Method

I used to have what is pasted below as separate pages on this blog/site. It really was not working for me, and I decided to to just use the timeline page ( for notes in the future. I copied and pasted the old pages below. Hives would fail and the supers would change and thisContinue reading “Changing Beehive Note Taking Method”

July, August, September 2017 Beehives

Total Beehives: 5 I treated the beehives with varroa treatments because I do not plan to harvest the honey this year. August and September are the best months to harvest honey and early spring and winter are the best times to treat for varroa mites. I have lost hives in the past in early springContinue reading “July, August, September 2017 Beehives”

August, September, October, November 2016 Beehive Photos

August 14, 2016 (Beehive Photos Below) irregular comb from my very novice years top bar hive had some pretty big ants, placed cornmeal near the ants definitely had poison ivy this time of year planted tiger lilies near a black walnut tree, may have been a mistake as they could be sensitive to the theContinue reading “August, September, October, November 2016 Beehive Photos”

Honeybee Metamorphosis Video

Below is a very short approximately one minute online video from on honeybees as mentioned in the May 2015 National Geographic article “Quest For A Superbee.” The link is at the bottom of this post. I have found it very surprising to learn how many pests and predators and diseases there are for honeyContinue reading “Honeybee Metamorphosis Video”