Facial And Skin Care

Ongoing list of facial and skin tips that is occasionally revised and edited and added on to. General Facial Care Have a facial care routine. Use a toner and mild cleanser/clarifying wash. Look for natural ingredients such as essential oils and gentle preservatives and non-petroleum and plant stem cells and antioxidants Ideally, you should washContinue reading “Facial And Skin Care”

Safety, Health, & Child Education Articles

Below are articles I was emailed from visitors to this blog from the end of 2017 until now (February 2018). The articles are very informative and I plan to add a link to this post on the teaching websites page. As more and more seniors choose to age in place in the homes where theyContinue reading “Safety, Health, & Child Education Articles”

Understanding the Causes of Eating Disorders

Below is a helpful article on eating disorders from Jasmine, a visitor to this blog, from educatorlabs.org.   Eating disorders affect an estimated 8 million Americans, across many ages and ethnicities. It can affect men or women, and it shows no discrimination when it comes to the lives it destroys. One of the most difficultContinue reading “Understanding the Causes of Eating Disorders”