Math Terms

Just a random list of math terms for reference. I may revise this in the future. Tessellations 4 transformations (dilate, transform, reflect, rotate) – specify object, specify angle of rotation and specify a center of rotation – dilate specify object, ratio, center – translate (slide) – specify object, specify distance and specific direction conjecture –Continue reading “Math Terms”

Teaching Terms

An ongoing list of teaching terms that I plan to periodically update and revise. Teaching Terms Teaching Terms Academic Controversy Active listening Advance organizers Affective goals Analysis questions Application questions Authentic assessment Authentic questions Classroom management Comprehension questions Concept mapping Constructivist theorist Content knowledge Content validity Convergent thinking Cooperative learning Curriculum – many different definitionsContinue reading “Teaching Terms”

Safety, Health, & Child Education Articles

Below are articles I was emailed from visitors to this blog from the end of 2017 until now (February 2018). The articles are very informative and I plan to add a link to this post on the teaching websites page. As more and more seniors choose to age in place in the homes where theyContinue reading “Safety, Health, & Child Education Articles”

Independent Work During Reading Workshops

This is just a short page of notes I stumbled upon from my days as an elementary education major. Rather than entirely throw it away I typed it below. How can you prepare students for independent work during reading and writing workshops? have independent reading every school day create an inviting environment for independent readingContinue reading “Independent Work During Reading Workshops”

Increasing Student Motivation and Critical Reading Tips By Teachers

The following attachment, critical reading literacy class index card notes, is several index cards with notes from a teaching reading class from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). I cannot really figure out what textbook and class they are from, but possibly in the future I can add that informationContinue reading “Increasing Student Motivation and Critical Reading Tips By Teachers”

Book Log Elementary Teacher Library

I have been scanning papers from my days as an elementary education major at Illinois State University (ISU). The following PDF, Book Log, I found and cannot even place what class it is from and I forgot to put my name on it. This looks like it is for keeping track of your personal classroom libraryContinue reading “Book Log Elementary Teacher Library”