Free eBooks

Project Gutenberg – – This site offers free eBooks ranging from Aesop’s fables to Paradise Lost to dictionaries. From what I understand originally most of the eBooks are older, the copyright is past, and or the original author(s) are no longer living and as a result the eBooks could be freely distributed. Undoubtedly, Project GutenbergContinue reading “Free eBooks”

What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?

What is your teaching philosophy? I remember going over this question in the C&I (Curriculum and Instruction) 104: Introduction to Education class while I was a student at Illinois State University. This is supposedly a common interview question for those interviewing for a teaching position and is good to consider and think about as itContinue reading “What Is Your Teaching Philosophy?”

12 Major Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses

This is completely unrelated and off topic, but interesting nevertheless. Sometimes I see mention of some of the old Greek and Roman gods and goddesses and have completely forgotten their names and a great deal about their story. This is from a beginning Latin I high school class. 12 Major Greek and Roman Gods andContinue reading “12 Major Greek and Roman Gods and Goddesses”

Elementary Education Major Clinicals

When I was an elementary education in 2008 it was a requirement to complete clinicals, which are a pre-student teaching experience for education majors. They are usually around three weeks long. There was a lot of discussion and movement toward eliminating clinicals to something that was much longer than three weeks. There was a focusContinue reading “Elementary Education Major Clinicals”