2017 Blog Monthly Traffic History

Below are screenshots of my blog traffic from the HostGator cPanel. Most of the traffic is from robots such as those for search engines and also some with hacking intentions. The cPanel goes back to 2011. The first screenshot on the right is the average visits per day for December 2017. The second screenshot onContinue reading “2017 Blog Monthly Traffic History”

2016 Blog Monthly Traffic History

Below are screen shots from my HostGator cPanel of 2016 blog traffic for SewIsabel.com. It shows the top 25 countries and monthly average for December 2016. One screen shot shows the monthly average of daily visits for June 2016. There is a screen shot of the monthly history from January 2016 to December 2016. AsContinue reading “2016 Blog Monthly Traffic History”

October 2016 Outdoor Fall Blog Photos

Below are three photos taken outdoors in October 2016. I used a Groupon coupon and there is retouching such a small stain on my shirt and the one photo with the fuchsia scarf had my coat on the side showing and I asked the photographer to take it out of the photo. I wore fuchsiaContinue reading “October 2016 Outdoor Fall Blog Photos”

Watercolor Logo Video Posted On YouTube

Below is a seventeen second watercolor video I posted on YouTube. It was purchased on fiverr.com from the seller videosketch in April 2016. I am trying to run it as a video ad on YouTube to increase traffic to this blog. I just opened a Google Adwords account a few days ago and requested approvalContinue reading “Watercolor Logo Video Posted On YouTube”