A list of my completed craft projects. This page is periodically updated. Unfortunately, I still have various art projects I have not posted to this list yet. This is not all of my artwork and craft projects. There are also quite a few projects from several years ago that I still have not finished. In the future, I plan to go through all of my artwork and craft projects and add more photos and notes. There are some additional details on my craft projects published under older posts you can find using the search box of this site.

Year Completed: 2021 – 2020 – 2018 – 2017 – Childhood Art

2021 Completed Craft Projects

Texture Paintings

2020 Completed Craft Projects

three cats partial diamond paintingchateau de chambord craft projectYellow Roses Diamond Painting Kit Completed

2018 Completed Craft Projects

Tabby Cat In Flower Pot Diamond Painting Embroidery KitDoorway Diamond Painting Embroidery KitMaple Leaf Park Paint By Number CompletedPig Cross Stitch Kit

2017 Completed Craft Projects


Deer Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit CompletedPark Diamond Painting Embroidery Kit CompletedCross Patch Bead Embroidery Craft ProjectPlaid Bucilla ® Stamped Embroidery - Bee Yourself Kit Completed

Don't Let Anyone Dull Your Sparkle20180203_192840completed coloring canvas Johana Basford

Childhood & High School Artwork Photos

Below are photos of some of my childhood artwork that my dad saved. I took the photos in August 2020. Some of it is definitely from the 90s.

childhood art

first to third grade art

childhood art 4th grade

fourth grade coloring project

coloring fourth grade

fourth grade coloring project

love my daddy childhood artwork

high school self-portrait7th grade art

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